20th April 2015

2015 manifesto launched

Today, Scottish National Party leader and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon published the SNP manifesto for the General Election, pledging that a team of SNP MPs would be stronger for Scotland – and deliver progressive politics for the whole UK.

The SNP General Election 2015 manifesto includes the following commitments:

  • The SNP are the only party offering an alternative to the Westminster cuts agenda. Our proposal for a modest spending increase of 0.5 per cent a year will enable at least £140 billion extra investment in the economy and public services.
  • For the NHS this will mean an additional £9.5 billion spending above inflation across the UK by 2020/21 – £24 billion in total. This will deliver a total increase for NHS Scotland of £2 billion.
  • We will back plans for an annual UK target of 100,000 affordable homes, and use additional capital investment to deliver a further expansion of house-building in Scotland.
  • We will back an increase in the minimum wage to £8.70 by 2020.
  • We will back the restoration of the 50p top income tax rate for those earning over £150,000.
  • We will support an increase in the Employment Allowance from £2,000 per business per year to £6,000, to help smaller firms take on and retain additional staff.
  • We will oppose the £3 billion cut in disability support that threatens to cut the income of a million disabled people by more than £1,000 a year.
  • We will vote the retain the triple lock on pensions and protect the winter fuel allowance.

Nicola said that ending austerity is the SNP’s number one priority in this election, and added that: “a vote for this SNP manifesto on May 7th will make Scotland’s voice heard at Westminster more strongly than it has ever been before. And a stronger voice for Scotland will mean new, better and more progressive politics at Westminster – for everyone.”

You can find the full manifesto here.