8th June 2016

6 Months On: SNP Councillor Expresses Disappointment In Lack Of Progress On Collapsed River Bank

Cllr McLaughlin in front of bank erosion
Cllr McLaughlin in front of bank erosion

Cllr Gerry Mclaughlan stands in front of riverbank damage still awaiting repair.

SNP Councillor Gerry McLaughlan has written to Stirling Council Officers to highlight his disappointment that, 6 months after the banks of the Forth collapsed in the Riverside area of Stirling city, not progress has been made to repair the area.

 The collapsed riverbank came as the result of erosion due to high water levels over the winter. The collapsed section is in the area of a park area in Riverside and, as a result, the whole area has been closed off to the public.

During the Stirling Council Budget Meeting in February this year, Councillor McLaughlan raised the issue with Stirling’s ruling Tory/Labour Administration and was assured that there was allocated funding to stabilise and repair the damage. This assurance was reiterated during a subsequent meeting of the Environment and Housing Committee.

 However, so far there have been no attempts at the site to repair the damage.

 Councillor Gerry McLaughlan said:

“The situation as it stands is completely unsatisfactory and it is hugely important that this work is not delayed any further. We are now 6 months on from the riverbank collapsing and there has been no work carried out to repair the bank and reopen the park and footpath.

 “We are now into summer months and both locals and visitors to the area would otherwise have access to using the Riverside park facilities as well as an access path. However, unfortunately, these features remain closed off to the public.

 “It is vital that work is carried out as soon as possible to prevent any further erosion; which is now just a mere 3 meters from the road.”