25th March 2015

Alex Salmond Book tour

It would appear ( and I am unable to confirm from official sources only from experience) that there has been some “shennanigans” afoot, with respect to the forthcoming Alex Salmond Book Tour  signing event, “An evening with Alex Salmond” we mentioned in last weekends post “The Dream Shall Never Die“.

The event was originally set for the 31st March at the Albert Halls, a venue run by Stirling Council, under the current Tory/Labour coalition led by Labour’s Westminster Candidate Johanna Boyd . The book signing events are being promoted by Waterstones bookshops across Scotland.

After tickets went on sale ( and were being sold online by the Albert Halls) they were then quickly “pulled” and the event cancelled ( according to them). The reason given to me by Albert Halls ticketing staff was that it wasn’t allowed to hold such an event as it was too close to the General Election.

Books and Tickets

Alex Salmond’s Book Tour remains on now at the MacRobert

However today, a call was made by the Albert Halls stating it was back on and being ticketed by the MacRobert Centre. It turns out this was only partly accurate, the event IS on at 18:30 on 31st March at the MacRobert, but only £15 ( with book) tickets, are now being sold by Waterstone in Stirling ( Thistle Centre). If you have existing tickets they remain valid.

Far be it from me to speculate if or why Stirling Council might try to prevent or hamper such an event happening.