17th November 2016

Bin Omnishambles Has Resulted IN £100K Overspend

Stirling Council has revealed that waste services are projected to overspend on the budget by almost £100K as delays and disruptions to the new refuse collection system continues. 

In a report to the Finance and Economy Committee on Stirling Council, the predicted £91K is described as “a best estimate” as the full extent of actual costs to the Stirling taxpayer cannot be fully determined at this early stage.

 According to the report, a series of one-off costs have resulted in the overspend. However, Stirling Council is unable to determine how much the new waste system will cost the taxpayer at this time.

 Commenting, Stirling SNP Environment Spokesperson Councillor Jim Thomson said:

 “People across Stirling are sick of the Tory/Labour Administration’s continuing failure over the rollout of new bins. This continues to be the most complained about issue that constituents have contacted me over and to find that now the service is running at a massive overspend is frankly insulting.”

 SNP Finance Spokesperson Councillor Gerry McLaughlan added:

 “If this absurd overspend had come about to ensure the smooth transition from the old bin system to the new one, the Tory/Labour coalition’s fiscal incompetence would almost be forgivable, but it hasn’t. It is astonishing that we are still in the situation where nobody knows how much this new system is actually going to cost the Stirling taxpayer.”