5th February 2016

Branch Closure: Crawford and Paterson In Talks with Bank Of Scotland

As part of a company review, Bank of Scotland have this week announced plans to close their branch in Killearn. All existing customer accounts will be relocated to the Balfron branch and the Killearn site will officially close on Thursday 9th June this year.

Lloyds Banking Group, the parent company of Bank of Scotland, have stated that the majority of staff from the Killearn branch will be relocated elsewhere, however they also anticipate a “small number of role reductions” – much of which they hope will be carried out via voluntary redundancies.

Since the news was announced on Wednesday (3rd February), both Stirling’s MP Steven Paterson and MSP Bruce Crawford have been in discussions with Lloyds Banking Group representatives.

Bruce Crawford

Bruce Crawford MSP: hoping to gain assurances

Commenting, Bruce Crawford said:

“I fully understand that these decisions are not taken lightly and are the sign of an evolving economy. However, it is important to recognise how these changes can have a significant impact on local communities. Therefore, I am hoping to gain assurances from the company that those who are being offered redundancy or relocation will be supported in every way feasible.”

Steven Paterson MP

Steven Paterson MP: looking forward to sitting down with banking representatives

Steven Paterson added:

“The closure of a local bank branch can have a serious impact on how some people access banking services. A number of residents in Killearn will be worried about what this closure will mean for them and I look forward to sitting down with banking representatives to discuss these concerns.”

Lloyds Banking Group, Bank of Scotland announcement (3rd Feb 2016):

I am writing to inform you of the Bank of Scotland’s decision to close its Killearn branch. This branch will close on Thursday 9 June 2016. The closure comes as part of the Bank’s review of our branch network, announced in 2014, which takes into account the changing nature of how our customers interact with us.

Customers’ accounts for Killearn will be transferred to the Balfron branch, located 2.75 mile away. There is also a post office 0.1 miles away and 2 free ATMs within 3 miles.

We realise that our customers value the branch experience alongside online, digital and phone and the decision to close any branch is not one that we have taken lightly.  Our decisions are based on customer demand or locations where we have duplicated branches. We have also taken into consideration the impact of the closure on the community, current shopping patterns and where leases are due to expire or offer a break clause.

Today we are informing colleagues of the change and tomorrow posters will be displayed in the closing branches. We will be writing to customers over the next few days to explain when the branch will close and will include the address details and opening hours of other branches nearby. Customers’ account numbers and sort codes will stay the same and any standing orders, direct debits, cards and PINs will all carry on as before. There are many other ways for customers to do their banking, such as Cashpoints®, online and telephone banking, as well as at the Post Office® where customers can use their debit card and PIN to withdraw cash and check their balance. Our branch colleagues will be on hand to help all customers through this transition.


The majority of colleagues will be redeployed to nearby branches; however, we expect there to be a small number of role reductions as a result of these changes, which we will look to achieve by offering voluntary redundancy where possible.