13th July 2017

Branch Meeting Report July 2017- A wee pinch of Ginger

Paul Kavanagh and Ginger

The actual wee ginger dug and his pet Paul Kavanagh. aka “Wee Ginger Dug”

A well attended meeting last night at the Golden Lion Hotel. obviously the big turn out was to hear about a couple of resolutions for party conference, and plans for fund raising. We also had a guest along for the evening in the shape of Señor Ginger and his owner Paul Kavanagh.

Lee and Ginger

Lee made a friend. We wonder if Pongo knows?

Initially, at least, it was hard to say who was getting the most attention,  I think Ginger won hands down to be fair, but then Paul stood to speak and he had everyone totally engaged with his words of wisdom, humorous anecdotes and thoughts on the path to inevitable Independence. Paul also gave us, as an aside, a wee bit background of how his long-term companionship with the Wee Ginger Dug came about. Going by the photo’s it looks like Lee made a new friend… any comments that it’s maybe his only friend were quickly dismissed ;-).

Topics covered were the lead up to the Independence Referendum in 2014, where we go from there, engaging with people who have worries or fears about independence and what it means to them, but are not stubbornly opposed to it, separating the Independence Movement ( which encompasses people from all different social and political backgrounds) from Party politics, but recognising that the SNP is the only mass party political vehicle through which Independence can ultimately be won. There was also discussion about Spain and Catalonia and its ties and differences to the situation in Scotland. ( Paul has a long connection with Spain and the Catalan areas.)

Paul then took questions and comment from the floor and I think everyone was impressed by the intelligent, thoughtful and witty discourse Paul brought with him.

Paul Kavanagh

A very dapper Paul Kavanagh talking to the branch

I hope Paul will forgive me is I paraphrase one particularly funny tale he told, about an online altercation with a Unionist “Zoomer”.

Having announced he was doing some personal research into place names in the West of Scotland and Glasgow, and their Gaelic roots, the antagonist claimed public money shouldn’t be used on such frivolities, especially as the area concerned has no connection to Gaeldom. Paul pointed out that a) it has nothing to do with public funding, it was personal research self-funded, and b) many place names have Gaelic roots, Twechar, Cumbernauld and Kirkintilloch to name but a few.

Paul pointed out to the person the derivation of the place she herself came from, Kirkintilloch meaning fort at the end of the hill, from the Gaelic: Cair Cheann Tulaich.

He then asked her, so where do you think place names like that derive……

“Scotrail” was the answer.

Wee Ginger getting loads of attention

Big thanks Paul for coming along to speak to us…. oh and Ginger too!

Was it just me or did everyone think… “the dog is bigger than I expected”? probably 🙂

There wasn’t a lot to mention on Council or Parliamentary matters this month, that hasn’t already been communicated to members via the Secretary’s email communications. Nominations were proposed and carried for various party roles that are available.

Morag Fulton wants members to be aware the Disabled Members drop in sessions at the Burgh Coffee House start again on 3rd August in the Burgh Coffee House at 18:00

Fundraising Events

Finally fundraising, there are a number of fundraising events in the pipeline starting pretty well right away, with a view to getting the war chest filled up after a string of successive campaigns over the last year or so and with a view to returning an SNP representative to Westminster at the next opportunity, which could be just round the corner.

Bingo Night: 27th July Vinnies Bar from 19:00 to 21:00 ( donations for prizes and a raffle appreciated)

Summer BBQ: We are holding a Summer barby along at Bannockburn House on 19th August. Tickets are £10 and gets you food, admittance and entertainment (beverages will be extra). You can read more and get online tickets on Event Brite, but if you prefer olde worlde “real” tickets get in touch with Lee Robb . This promises to be a great night.

Further down the line we have plans for another Race Night, a Quiz Night, a wine tasting evening and of course the annual Robert the Bruce inner in March next year. Dates to be firmed up on all the above. Watch the website or social media for more information.