24th May 2016

Campaigning to remain part of EU

Remain part of EU

Stirling Branch starts its campaign to keep Stirling , Scotland and indeed the whole UK in the EU after June’s vote on the 23rd.

We would love our members to turn out and help put the positive case for EU membership across to the public  starting this weekend when the stall will be out at the foot of King Street once again.

The referendum is on a knife edge UK wide, and it is imperative that we make sure the Stirling public is informed, motivated and ready to vote to remain part of the EU. We can only do that if we get out and campaign for it. We have 7,500 of the flyers shown below to get out so everyones support would be hugely welcomed both on the street and for door to door leafleting. Our first campaign event will be a leafleting session in the city centre this Saturday (28th May) starting at 11:00am.

You can also help the campaign by sharing the Scotland in Europe weblinks with your friends and families and point people to the Wee Bleu Book on that site.

Campaign to remain

Vote to remain in Europe
Campaigning starts this week.