Death By A Thousand Cuts

Steven Paterson

By former Stirling MP, Steven Paterson

The metaphor “death by a thousand cuts” probably has its origin in the tortuous and brutal form of execution known as Ling Chi, which was used in medieval China for heinous crimes such as treason.

The phrase which is now commonplace in English means a slow, painful, incremental and inevitable demise. Such a certain death can hardly be more accurately applied than to the slow collapse of the present UK Tory Government.

We have had Tory Governments imposed on us here in Scotland for the majority of my lifetime, and democracy for Scotland is at the heart of my politics. In the most basic of terms, Scotland should always get the government Scotland votes for.

Unfortunately, the cherished Union means that in governance terms, “we get what we’re telt”. Or to put it more bluntly, “shut up, Scotland, and eat your cereal”. However, even comparing the present incarnation of the Tory regime with its predecessors, Theresa May’s class of 2017 is as weak as dishwater to a degree unprecedented.

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SNP Councillor Slams Stirling’s Tory MP For Voting Against Pay Rise For Public Sector Workers

Susan McGill on Majury
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Salmond on Europe

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Hard Tory Brexit Vote Carried: SNP Oppose Whilst Whimpering Labour Abstain

Scotland EU flag
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SNP MP Warns UK Government’s Brexit Secretary Against “Political Cowardice”

Scotland EU flag
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SNP MP Leads Debate on Andy and Jamie Murray’s Sporting Legacy

Andy Murray

SNP MP Steven Paterson has said that Andy and Jamie Murray “richly deserve” a legacy after years of “dedication and hard work” in tennis.
Steven Paterson, the SNP MP for Stirling, made the comments as he led an adjournment debate in the House of Commons on the sporting legacy of the brothers.

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Following Scottish Government Pledge, UK Chancellor Announces City Deal For Stirling

View of Stirling

Stirling MP Steven Paterson has welcomed today’s announcement of a City Deal for Stirling. The Chancellor of the Exchequer committed the UK Government to a city deal for Stirling during his Autumn Statement earlier today.
The City Deal bid seeks investment that will improve local infrastructure and encourage business growth and jobs within Stirling. The hard work of Stirling Council Officers in producing a gold standard comprehensive business plan for Stirling has been highly commended by UK Government ministers, local representatives, and civil servants alike.
Mr Paterson led a delegation of local representatives in discussions in Whitehall in September this year, calling for the UK Government to commit to a city deal for Stirling.
Earlier this week, the Scottish Government announced its commitment to working with the UK Government in delivering City Deal investment for Stirling.

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Stirling split in boundary change proposal

Boundary change under review

In the boundary review of Scottish constituencies, the Stirling constituency is split in two becoming Stirling North and Stirling South.
The proposals will take areas of the current Clackmannanshire constituency and merge it into the North side of the city. The South side will merge with parts of what would have formerly have been part of Falkirk.

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Gillies Hill Campaign Raised in Westminster

Steven Paterson MP

Steven Paterson MP, SNP representative for Stirling which encompasses the area of Gillies Hill behind Cambusbarron Village, brought up the ongoing issue of proposals to restart quarrying on the hill that have been fiercely opposed by the local community for some years, in the House of Commons today. The video […]

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Paterson challenges UK Govt on Digital divide

Steven Paterson MP

The Stirling Constituency encompases both urban and rural areas over its footprint and there is a marked variance in the availability of high speed internet access across the area. Yesterday Steven Paterson MP challenged the Minister for Culture, Media and Sport ( which encompases Digital Industries), Ed Vaizey, to do […]

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