10th March 2017

City Region Deal Must Work For Everyone

Maureen Bennison

Following comments made by SNP Councillor Alasdair MacPherson at the last full Council meeting, Bannockburn and eastern villages SNP candidate Maureen Bennison has called for a City Region Deal that delivers for every community.

The City Region Deal is backed by all parties on Stirling Council and negotiations began last year when the Scottish and UK Governments committed their support for delivering a City Deal to Stirling and the wider region.

Stirling Council’s initial seven-point-proposal is a comprehensive business plan that aims to encourage investment and create employment and business opportunities in the local area. The SNP Group have remained consistent that these plans cannot focus centrally on Stirling City and that every community must feel the benefits of the City Region Deal.

Maureen Bennison

Maureen Bennison, Candidate in Bannockburn and eastern villages

Commenting, Maureen Bennison said:

“At the last full Council meeting, Councillor MacPherson raised the concerns of many people in the eastern villages that not enough of a focus of the City Region Deal was being directed towards their local community. 

“People from Cowie contribute just as much to Stirling Council as people from Cornton and it is important that communities that aren’t in the city centre don’t feel left behind by this process. 

“The City Region Deal is a great opportunity to encourage business investment in the eastern villages, building new employment and modern apprenticeship opportunities but currently the main development plans are City-centric. 

“If elected to Stirling Council in May, both Alasdair and I will fight tooth and nail to secure the best possible deal for our local communities and give Bannockburn and the eastern villages the boost that is needed.”