22nd March 2015

Come join the Party!

100000 members

The SNP membership is now over 100,000 members it was reported in the Sunday Herald, having seen a huge rise following the 2014 Referendum and a steady continuing rise since hitting around 93,000 at the SSE Hydro event in November.IMGP1593The SNP in membership numbers now dwarf’s the Scottish Branch of the Labour Party, and is actually catching both the UK Labour and Conservative Parties  in the UK. The Liberal Democrats UK membership were left trailing in the dust last year. The Conservative party is thought to have around 12,500 members in Scotland and 134,000 nationally. It’s not a beyond the realms of possibility that the SNP could reach this number over time!

While the numbers do not themselves promise electoral success. only hard work, listening to and standing up for the Scottish people can do that, having more than 1 in every 45 members of the adult population ( or thereabouts) as members of the party can only help.

Come and join us! Contact our Membership Secretary ( see contact page) for more information or go to  the SNP joining page.