30th June 2016

Council adopts SNP motion to support the 1 in 5

Councillors and Morag after the meeting

City of Stirling SNP are signed up to the 1 in 5 campaign which supports making politics more accessible to disabled people. This week SNP Councillors Alycia Hayes and Scott Farmer tabled a motion at a sitting of the Stirling Council that the aims of the 1 in 5 campaign ( a cross party movement) be adopted by the council.

Councillors and Morag after the meeting

Cllr Alycia Hayes, Morag Fulton Deputy Convener and Disabilities officer of CoS SNP and Cllr Scot Farmer after the Motion was passed

18. MOTIONS IN TERMS OF STANDING ORDER 16 (b) One in Five Scotland Campaign “One in Five is a cross party organisation which has ambassadors from all political parties in Scotland as well as being supported by all of Scotland’s main party leaders. Council in recognition of the above agrees to sign up to the One in Five Charter. The Charter contains 5 pledges:

  1. That all members are asked of their needs to ensure these are actioned to increase inclusion.
  2. That meetings are held in accessible venues.
  3. All roles are flexible to ensure that all members can fulfil these roles without it causing them undue stress.
  4. Materials are available in a variety of formats for example Braille.
  5. All barriers and issues facing disabled Scots are challenged and that we all remain positive about the contribution disabled Scots can make to our society.”

Signed by Councillor Scott Farmer and Councillor Alycia Hayes.

We are pleased to say the motion was accepted without a vote and the council now recognise the aims of this noble campaign.