6th September 2015

Council U-turn After McLaughlan Slams Crossing Patrol Policy

Cllr Gerry McLaughlan

The SNP candidate in the forthcoming Stirling East Council by election has forced the Tory/Labour led administration to move its position on the provision of  a crossing patrol for children attending the Borestone Primary and Nursery site, in Broom Road, Stirling. Gerry McLaughlan called for the council to provide a crossing patrol during the recent absence of the regular patrol person due to sick leave. A spokesperson for Stirling Council was quoted as saying “the Council has no legal responsibility to provide crossing patrols.”

Gerry McLaughlan called for action from the Council:DSCF1490_crop
“This is an utter disgrace. Every day the Council fails to provide suitable crossing patrol cover, the safety of primary school children is compromised. I have spoken with parents in the area who have expressed great concern over this.”

“There is a breakdown in trust between the Council and the community. Last year, we lost a vital Patrol Crossing on Glasgow Road to Borestone Primary and the concern for the parents of Braehead pupils is that their crossing is next.”

“The Council may have no legal responsibility to provide these crossing patrols, but they certainly have a moral obligation. In an area that has seen traffic accidents involving children before, it is time the Council got its head in gear and dealt with this problem as a priority – posting an apology for the lack of service on the internet just won’t cut it.”

“According to the Council’s website, employing someone to be a School Crossing Patroller costs £8 per hour. Money well spent when it’s protecting young children from harm.”

“Along with many parents in the area, I hope to see swift action from the Council to address this problem. In the meantime, until the Council delivers, I would advise parents in the area to be mindful when their children are walking to and from Braehead Primary.”

Gerry was supported in making the case for parents in the area by other members of the Stirling SNP council team.

Since bringing the issue to the front Stirling Council have finally acted to provide cover in Broom Road.