9th June 2016

Crawford And Paterson Making The Positive Case To Remain In EU

SNP EU Remain stall
SNP EU Remain stall

Bruce Crawford MSP and Steven Paterson MP have been campaigning with City of Stirling Branch to remain part of EU

Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford and MP Steven Paterson joined the City of Stirling SNP Branch campaign team to make the positive case to stay in the European Union on Saturday.

 With just 2 weeks to go until polling day for the EU Referendum, City of Stirling Branch have distributed thousands of leaflets across Stirling as well as speaking to voters in the city centre.

 The Branch have produced their own leaflet titled Stirling IN Europe: Making the positive case to Remain in the European Union which focusses on how the EU benefits Scotland and how it has helped develop the face of the Stirling area through investment.

Bruce Crawford said:

“The European Union has been instrumental in developing the society we know today. From championing workers’ and human rights, to strengthening our economy and supporting over 300,000 jobs here in Scotland alone; our horizons are broadened and our opportunities are expanded by playing a key role in working with other countries.

 “I would like to see Scotland have a stronger voice in the European Union with feet under the table at the Council of Europe, the Council of Ministers, and the European Commission so that our representatives can work hard to get the best deal for Stirling and for Scotland.”

 Steven Paterson added:

“The aim of City of Stirling SNP’s campaign is to highlight the benefits of our EU membership, making the positive case and energising people to use their vote on 23rd June.

 “I believe that the European Union is in need of reform and many of the concerns that people have about the EU would be addressed if we had improved transparency. However, by far the best option on the table today is a vote to Remain in the EU which has brought so many opportunities to people across the Stirling area and across Scotland.”