1st September 2017

Crawford Welcomes Projected Increase In NHS Forth Valley Staff

Forth Valley Royal Hospital

A Scottish Government report has highlighted that the overall number of staff in Forth Valley’s NHS is set to increase by over 190 in the year between 31st March 2017 and 31st March 2018.

The overall increase to Scotland’s NHS in this time is 1,414.2 (or 1%), however, the Forth Valley area will see a 3.5% increase from 5,393.2 to 5,583.9 posts. This includes:

+76.8 nurses and midwives (2.8% increase)
+25.9 medical staff (5.4% increase)
+37.8 Admin services posts (3.9% increase)
The report also estimates a 14.2% increase in NHS24 staff and a 5.6% increase in the number of staff employed by the Scottish Ambulance Service.

Bruce Crawford said:

“Across Scotland, the SNP Government has invested in record levels of staff employed to deliver our health service – with more funding being invested into our NHS than ever before.

“The largest number in terms of increased posts is expected to be in nursing and midwifery and, in order to continue this trend, the Scottish Government has committed to creating an additional 2,600 training places across Scotland for nurses and midwives over the next four years.

“With increased demand on our health service, these projected figures are very welcome news and – with an ageing population – will go a long way in ensuring that our NHS is equipped for future challenges.”