13th August 2016

Design Your Local Community

Stirling MP Encourages Locals To Get Involved With Scottish Government Scheme

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Communities in the Stirling area could benefit from scheme

Scottish Government plans to empower locals in having a say over plans for their communities has been launched by Minister for Local Government, Kevin Stewart.

The initiative is composed of two grant schemes worth £300,000: the Design Charrettes programme which brings together the public, stakeholders, and professional designers to draw up viable proposals; and the Activating Ideas Fund will support empowerment initiatives and participation in disadvantaged areas.

Since 2011, the Scottish Government has funded 48 charrettes. In the financial year 2015-16, 17 Charrettes were funded, 8 of them commissioned directly by communities.

Local MP Steven Paterson is encouraging communities to look at these schemes and consider how they could better their local communities.

Steven Paterson said:

“This grant scheme is a chance for local people to get involved in shaping their local community. Working with stakeholders as well as professional designers will give locals great support in working to develop towns and villages.

 “The SNP Scottish Government is dedicated to empowering communities who have the wealth of local knowledge that best places them to help make decisions about the area they live in.

 “If you have ideas about how you and your community could work to improve your local area, I would thoroughly recommend looking towards these funding schemes to help you do just that.”