26th April 2015


Johanna Boyd's begging letter

Tell me lies , tell me sweet Labour Lies…..

Devoid of policies to promote their cause, the Stirling Candidate Johanna Boyd of Labour’s Branch Office in Scotland have now resorted to the negative tactic of spreading fear and alarm and quite literally begging for votes. Maybe we should not be as astonished as we are!

Some residents in the Stirling Constituency, we would hazard a guess as those in areas identified by Labour as not natural voters for their policies, are being targeted by a somewhat desperate  plea to lend their votes to Boyd.

It shows how far panic has set in in the Labour camp that they would dare to address potentially Tory voters by wooing them with the same tactics they used as part of the Better Together campaign last year. If you recall elderly voters were targeted in the latter days with scare stories that were nothing more than lies, threatening that a Yes vote would result in older Scots losing their pensions. As has been widely communicated by the SNP leadership, this election and the SNP manifesto are nothing to do with Independence or rerunning the referendum. Boyd’s begging letter shamefully makes pointed remarks that infer voters will lose access to the UK pension system and cuts which exist no where but in Labour’s paranoid imaginings. In fact, the real threat comes from Labour, who have committed to the same cuts agenda as the Tories.

We would remind readers that it was no less than former PM and Labour Leader Gordon Brown, parachuted in during the panic lead up in the latter days of the referendum that Scotland would be granted “near federalism”, which can also be referred to as Devo Max or Full Fiscal Autonomy. Boyd’s letter clearly now seems to suggest that as we suspected, Labour have no interest in upholding their side of the bargain. Stirling constituents can only vote for our candidate Steven Paterson and SNP to ensure Westminster is forced to deliver the transfer of powers to Scotland offered by them in September and ensure Scotland’s voice is heard loud and clear.