27th January 2015

Fracking : Labour hypocrisy reaches new depths

Labour once again let the people of Stirling and the Forth Valley down by another no show in Westminster on the issue of  a moratorium on Fracking, and devolving of powers to control fracking, to the Scottish Government.

Anne McGuire No Show on Fracking

Anne McGuire notably absent from another vote affecting Stirling and the Forth Valley

To crown it all Stirling Labour MP Anne McGuire had the hypocrisy to crow about Labour’s (in)action on the matter immediately after the vote…… and she never even bothered to turn up for it.

No shows for the Fracking votes

Anne McGuire crows on what labour did, and she never even turned up!

Remember this when you cast your vote in the 2015 General Election, only a strong SNP in Westminster can ensure action on the issues that matter to you! #RedToriesOut

You can read more on the SNP view on the Labour “Sham” on Fracking on