5th April 2015

Fundraising final push

Campaigning images

With one day left we still have time to raise the final £445 of our ambitious £3000 in 20 day’s target, to help get Steven Paterson elected as Stirling’s first SNP Westminster MP.  One fundraising final push, is all we need.

The campaign locally has been going well with support that has exceeded even our wildest expectations, and there is a real appetite to hold the UK Government, to account for the pledges made in the final days of the referendum campaign. Only with an SNP voice can we hold them to account for the promises made,  to quote our former leader Alex Salmond, we need to “hold the feet to the fire” and make sure Scotland’s voice is heard. Please dig deep, even contributions of £5 soon add up.

Campaigning images

Enthusiastic members of the SNP out campaigning round Stirling to get Steven for Stirling

In the last few days it cannot have escaped your notice that the establishment smear machine is being wound up to 11 on a scale of 10.  After Nicola Sturgeon’s impressive performance on the leaders debate, the Westminster machine were never going to let this lie. The party have had appeals from south of the border that they wish we were standing there too! Party membership jumped another 1500 immediately following the debate, alone! Numbers other parties could dream of.

Debate lead

Nicola lead the debate prett much from start to end- don’t forget this is a UK wide not Scotland only survey


So it should come as no surprise perhaps, that a fabricated smear missile was fired via the Tory Newsletter, the Daily Telegraph, that appears to have been signalled ahead to the Labour Party and BBC, to try inflict damage on the SNP .

However it all appears a bit like deja vu and the No Thanks line of negativity, untruths and fabrication.

We have been here before, but this time things are different. Even No voters, swayed by the three Amigo’s don’t have memories so short.  We must show them that Scotland is beyond their lies and smears. Already the latest polls suggest all it has helped to do is push more voters fed up with this old boys network towards the SNP.

Support Stevens final push for funds over this last 24 hours.

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