25th April 2015

Hope over Smear

With less than two weeks until the General Election it is important we keep our eye on the goal. To ensure Scotland’s voice is heard loud and clear in Westminster and ensure that the London based cohort of Tory, Labour and Liberal’s are forced to deliver the “Vow”, the “Home Rule”, the “federal state” that they so eagerly promised in the last few days leading up to the 2014 referendum.

Hope over fear

The crowd gathers to hear Nicola Sturgon speak about the SNP Womens Pledge in Buchanan Street before the Hope Over Fear rally in George Square

Scotland and it’s people are more alert than ever to the half truth’s, the elastic promises of those who would offer so much but deliver so little.  It already appears Labour’s Scottish branch office, have all but given up making offers that everyone north of the border, knows they have little say in delivering and so have resorted to the tactic they learned along with their partners in union, in 2014, a sibling of Project Fear.. Project Smear.

The Twitter “scandal” raised during FMQ’s this week by Deputy Leader of the Labour Scottish Branch office was admittedly a poorly phrased quip, published in a spoof account called Paco McSheepie ( I dare you to say that without smiling!)  over 2 years ago and long since deleted. One wonders how long ago Labour have been sat on that particular damp squib, arguably awaiting the opportune moment to throw it through the letter box. When it appeared their candidate in the constituency now being contested by the author of Paco McSheepie, was reported by Edinburgh Evening News as being behind in the polls. Dugdale ( it would appear with the full support of the unionist financed press) lit the fuse and threw it in, only for First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to not only stamp on the somewhat weak fire cracker, but to deliver back her own rocket, of quotes from a senior Labour activist that  SNP were “Fascist Scum”.


The Press pack dogs have been quick to report the former but few have mentioned the latter funnily enough, nor have any contextualised the Paco McSheepie tweet which when done, makes the whole thing appear the poorly phrased defence of an assertion by an opponent that the author wasn’t fit to vote in the referendum, that it was. Nicola Sturgeon has already condemned the 2 year old tweet and the author has also publicly apologised. Dugdale demanded his sacking ( that wouldn’t be at all because they know the closing date for candidates is past so by sacking the candidate the seat would be handed to Labour by default). Nicola Sturgeon rightly said the voters should decide.

Crowd at top  of Buchanan Street

Nicola Sturgeon addresses the crowd

So today Scotland gathers in a way opposition parties can only dream of, with the Hope Over Fear Rally in George Square, aka Freedom Square in Glasgow. The event is well attended with loads of speakers, not least of all Nicola Sturgeon who addressed the crowd from the steps at the top of Buchanan Street prior to the rally and musicians and stalls.

Hope over Fear Glasgow

Rally in George Square

Hope is alive and well in Scotland, let’s show Westminster that Democracy demands Scotland be heard on  7th May by returning as many SNP candidates to represent Scotland’s interests in Westminster.