10th June 2015

June Branch Meeting Report with Humza Yousaf

Tweet from Humza Yousaf

We had a very well attended branch meeting tonight at the Golden Lion Hotel, where we had as our guest Humza Yousaf MSP.

Branch membership continues to climb impressively, and loads of new fundraising initiatives are now beginning to come together into solid plans. Look out for lots of fun events through the summer all in aid of Branch funds!

The website continues to grow in stature and comments were received from the Executive and membership about how well things are progressing on that front which is very nice. (“Aw shucks!”- Admin).

A report on electoral commission boundary changes and land development policy was presented by Cllr Scott Farmer and later Cllr Jim Thomson spoke on Branch and Constituency business.

Humza Yousaf at Stirling Branch meeting

Humza Yousaf addresses the Stirling Branch meeting in June

Humza gave a great talk on the progress the SNP has made nationally and in Stirling Branch where we returned a 29% swing in the recent Westminster Elections.  Public polling intentions seem to continue to climb in SNP’s favour and membership grows week on week. He paid great tribute to the “foot soldiers” of party membership in representing the SNP’s progressive politics on the door-steps and in both the Scottish and Westminster Parliaments.

Humza discussed the EU in/out referendum, the unfairness of the voting system to be used where expats who have not lived in the UK for 15 years and even Lords may be allowed to vote yet long term resident UK Tax Payers with European nationality will not be allowed.

Humza also discussed the narrow Nationalism of the Unionist  parties against the civic and outward looking inclusive views of the SNP and the erosive effect the “British” standpoint is having in areas like immigration, cultural, religious and race relations.

Humza then took questions from the branch, on the voting rights in the EU election, Immigration, the SNP view on EU interference in domestic policy, and one member gave a very well argued position on Palestinian recognition and Israeli intimidation in the occupied territories having recently returned from their and seen incidents with her own eyes. Humza promised to follow up on this discussion with the member which shows the degree of commitment to engage with the grass roots by the party.

Tweet from Humza Yousaf

Humza Tweeted his thanks after our meeting. Thanks for coming Humza- come again!

All in all a great night, we would like to thank Humza for his attendance and wish him well in his campaign to be selected as a Candidate in the forthcoming Scottish Parliamentary elections where Humza hopes to campaign in the Glasgow Pollock Constituency against Johann Lamont!

The closing discussions of the meeting were on the forthcoming Party Conference in Aberdeen in October, the possibility of Affiliating the Branch with other organisations, Nomination of our Candidate for Scottish Parliament, and the next meeting, which is to be in July as sufficient members have expressed an interest to attend.

 This report does not represent the formal minutes of our Branch meeting.