5th October 2016

Labour Councillor Oblivious To Her Party’s Own Cuts

During a recent meeting of the Stirling Council Finance and Economy Committee (20th September), Labour’s Councillor Violet Weir said the following on Health and Social Care:

“At the end of the day, these are human beings we are talking about – including children. I would be seriously concerned if we were going to start cutting services.”

scottfarmerThe comments came after a discussion between Councillors and Officers on a projected overspend on Social Services.

During the Budget Meeting in February this year, Tory and Labour Councillors cut £700,000 from Social Care – with a further £1.7M in cuts approved for next year.

Criticising Councillor Weir’s remarks, SNP Leader on Stirling Council Councillor Scott Farmer said:
“It is utterly typical for a Labour Councillor to conveniently forget what her and her Party have done to Stirling’s vital services such as Social Care. The SNP put forward a fully costed alternative budget in February that protected Social Care – a proposal that was rejected by the Tory/Labour Administration.

“The Administration that Councillor Weir is part of has long since begun cutting this service with the most vulnerable people in our communities shouldering the biggest burden. She would do well to remember that when making empty contributions to committee meetings.”