6th May 2017


Scott Farmer

The Scottish National Party have called on the Stirling Labour Council Group and Stirling’s sole Green Councillor to work with them and stop another five years of Stirling Council’s finances being under Tory control.

Prior to the election on Thursday, Labour had spent five years in coalition with the Tories on Stirling Council. The result of the election meant that no political party would hold majority control on the Council, with both the SNP and the Tories holding the highest number of nine elected Councillors.
The SNP are calling for a progressive alliance on Stirling Council that will put an end to five years of cuts and attempted privatisation. 

SNP Leader on Stirling Council, Councillor Scott Farmer said:

Scott Farmer, SNP Group Leader“People across Stirling delivered their verdict and called time on a shambolic five years in office for the Tories in coalition with Labour. 
“The Tory agenda is one that punishes ordinary working people, treats those who are disadvantaged with contempt, and supports disgraceful policies such as the requirement for a woman to prove that she has been raped in order to receive support for more than two children. It is an agenda that the people of Stirling have rejected and one that my SNP colleagues and I will always fight to keep out of office – Stirling’s people and communities deserve better.
“That is why I am calling on Labour and the Greens to work with an SNP-led Administration in a progressive alliance that delivers for Stirling, invests in our services, and empowers our communities. Whilst there are many areas we may disagree on, it is clear that there are also many areas where we can work together constructively. 
“If Labour and the Greens are serious about delivering for the people we represent, they must not back five years of Tory control at Stirling Council.”