11th March 2015

Labour’s Boyd In Sexism Row

Joanna Boyd laughing
Joanna Boyd laughing

Joanna Boyd laughs at the smear on Nicola Sturgeon, unlike her neighbour Lamont

Here’s a picture from the Scottish Labour Party conference last Saturday. It was taken just as Labour ‘dinosaur’ David Hamilton made his jibe about “the wee lassie wi’ the tin helmet” – a clear reference to Nicola Sturgeon’s appearance, in particular, her haircut. Sitting to the right of Johann Lamont is Stirling Labour’s Westminster candidate Johanna Boyd. She’s clearly smiling, laughing and enjoying David Hamilton’s sexist attack on our First Minister. On the other hand Johann Lamont clearly is not.

Hypocritically Boyd claims to be a champion of women. Her Twitter account has her speaking out against violence and abuse against women, she happily promotes International Women’s Day and she even retweets a link to a site with tips for women on how to be bold and confident. But actions speak louder than words. David Hamilton is not standing in May, perhaps Johanna Boyd should consider the same?


UPDATE: A Scottish Labour spokesman has since said “David Hamilton acknowledged his comment was inappropriate immediately after he made it” and that he was later “pulled up” about his comments by deputy Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale.

Commenting,  a City of Stirling SNP spokesperson said,

“Johanna Boyd should do the decent thing and own up to being caught on camera having a ‘secret’ snigger at Hamilton’s sexist comment. If Hamilton acknowledges his comment was inappropriate then by definition Boyd laughing at it was also inappropriate. At the very least Boyd should apologise for her infantile and insulting behaviour towards our First Minister.

“The public have a right to expect the highest standards from elected politicians and this error of judgement by Johanna Boyd not only highlights her lack of regard for a fellow female but her unsuitability for high office.”