Local Election Results 2017

Our newly elected councillors ready to stand up for their communities and create a better Stirling

Our newly elected councillors ready to stand up for their communities and create a better Stirling

The full results from last week’s local elections are now available here, with full breakdowns of the counts in every ward. The SNP finished with 9 councillors elected, making it the joint largest group: the party has called for Labour and the Greens to join in a progressive alliance for Stirling, keeping the Tories out.

We are encouraged to see that our overall vote was up on 2012 (12408 first preference votes compared to 10626), a clear indication of the hard work put in by our councillors over the past five years, and the effort of the many volunteers that contributed to the election campaign. We also received many second and later round transfers from voters who give their first preference to another party – thanks to all who gave us their vote and entrusted us to serve Stirling.

We’ve crunched the numbers to show how the votes went in each ward. We hope it is of interest to some of you! In each graph below, we see the count of votes for each candidate going up as they receive transfers from candidates that are either elected (receiving more votes than the “quota”, the black dotted line), or eliminated (having the lowest number of votes in a round). When a candidate is eliminated, their count drops to zero, and when they are elected it drops to the quota.

You can see that in some wards, the fight for the final seat was quite close, so every vote really does count and although the system for the upcoming general election is different, the message is the same: your vote matters so use it! We take nothing for granted and are working hard to ensure that Stirling votes SNP.

Local Elections 2017 Ward 1 Results – SNP’s Evelyn Tweed elected at round 7


Local Elections 2017 Ward 2 Results – SNP’s Graham Lambie elected at round 7


Local Elections 2017 Ward 3 Results – SNP’s Graham Houston elected at round 5


Local Elections 2017 Ward 4 Results – SNP’s Susan McGill elected at round 1 (first preferences alone) and Jim Thomson elected at round 8


Local Elections 2017 Ward 5 Results – SNP’s Scott Farmer elected at round 6


Local Elections 2017 Ward 6 Results – SNP’s Alison Laurie elected at round 3


Local Elections 2017 Ward 7 Results – SNP’s Alasdair MacPherson elected at round 2 and Maureen Bennison elected at round 7