12th March 2015

March 2015 Branch Meeting Report

Another good turn out and a very full agenda. With the increase in branch office bearers there were a few more reports from the various officers to get through. Fundraising has been particularly successful with a very profitable Robert the Bruce dinner providing additional funds to the branch. Thanks were given to all who attended and supported the event and in particular to a range of local businesses who supported the event with the kind donation of prizes for the auction and raffle.

Stirling Branch executive

The branch executive on Wednesday evening

Our councillors presented an overview of the SNP group’s budget proposals to Stirling council which would have resulted in fewer cuts than are now being implemented by the incumbent Tory/Labour coalition. Expect to see standards in roads maintenance slide in the forthcoming year as this budget has been particularly hard hit.

Stirling is also a pilot area for forthcoming changes to welfare provision called SDS ( Self Directed Support). You can read more about these major changes to support provision at the website set up for SDS. There was concern expressed by some members ( and some councillors) over the take up of some of the options in this new package of measures.

The Political Education officer Susan McGill, asked for and received opinion from members over what topics and guests the branch would like to hear from in the coming months.

Steven Paterson provided a report from the front line of the street by street General Election Canvassing. This is going extremely well and many areas traditionally not strongholds for SNP are now turning to the party, and while we must not get complacent, we have high hopes for Stirling Constituency as an achievable target.

Steven Paterson

Vote Steven Paterson

Members are encouraged to help in any way they can.

Finally Kenneth Wardrop of Stirling CND gave a short but massively informative talk on the Trident Nuclear deterrent.

We look forward to welcoming branch members to our next meeting on 8th April 2015

Please note this report does not represent the official minutes of the branch meeting and are only provided as an over view of this months meeting highlights.