22nd March 2016

McLaughlin Draws Attention to Council Complacency on Riverside Erosion

Councillor Gerry McLaughlan with Riverside Community Councillors


SNP Councillor Gerry McLaughlan has met with Riverside Community Council to discuss riverbank damage that has been left ignored by Stirling Council. As a result of flooding through winter, the banks of the Forth have been eroded, resulting in the collapse of the bank eating into the grounds of the riverside park.

The Council responded to the initial damage my erecting a temporary fence. However, due to further erosion, this has now also collapsed.

Councillor McLaughlan raised the issue at Stirling Council’s latest budget meeting* and is renewing his calls for the Administration to dedicate funds to secure and repair the collapsed bank.

Councillor Gerry McLaughlan with Riverside Community Councillors

Councillor Gerry McLaughlan with Riverside Community Councillors at the Collapsed river bank

Councillor Gerry McLaughlan said:

“The clock is ticking on this and Stirling Council can’t afford to be complacent. As natural erosion has now already closed the park and access path, it is now a mere three meters away from the road.

“The SNP put forward a fully-costed budget that specifically identified funding to secure the damage with a view to repair it. I was assured by Councillors Gibson and Benny that they had allocated funds to exactly this – however, a month after speaking with Council Officers, there is still not money identified.

“The Tory/Labour Administration need to take this matter seriously as it is one of great concern to the local community in Riverside. In this case, ignoring the problem will only make it worse.”

*When Councillor McLaughlan announced the SNP’s proposal to allocate funding to securing a repairing the collapsed riverbank, he was met with heckles from Councillors Neil Benny and Danny Gibson who claimed that the Tory/Labour Administration had in fact already allocated funding.

  •                  Cllr McLaughlan has since been in touch with Stirling Council Officers for details of this funding and the Council’s plan to secure and repair the collapsed riverbank. Officers have since confirmed that there is not dedicated funding to repairs and that they have highlighted that the Council is not even monitoring the subsidence.
  •                The SNP identified the cost of securing the damage to be £110,000 in their budget. Now that the Administration has back peddled on their plans to introduce road end refuse collections, £150,000 is now available to be allocated to these repairs.

For further information from Riverside Community Council, please contact Ann Graham, Community Council Secretary, on: 01786 472 489