McLaughlan Holds Stirling East for SNP


Team SNP McLaughlan out in all weathers to win Stirling East

Gerry McLaughlan has held Stirling East for the SNP, retaining the seat vacated by the election of Steven Paterson to Constituency MP in May. The campaign has been hard fought particularly in the face of some less welcome SNP related media over the last few weeks ( unrelated to the Stirling by election) but it did little to dampen spirits and we have had great support from an enthusiastic campaigning team in the Stirling East area who turned out night after night to knock doors and get support out to vote.  The electorate rejected the Tory/Labour cabal to return SNP representation. The winning margin was 116 Votes.

Full results have been published by the council here. Counts at each round were as follows:

DAVISON Luke Samuel (Con)343352-
KANE Chris (Lab)109411341272
MCLAUGHLAN Gerry (SNP)131113671388
TOLLEMACHE Alasdair Murray Saxon (Green)152--
Stirling East by-election 2015 results

Stirling East by-election 2015 results


In summary, the hard work put in over the past few weeks paid off, meaning that Gerry was in the lead on first preferences alone. Transfers of second and third preferences in rounds 2 and 3 were also good, and he was elected in round 3. It’s worth remembering that in 2012, total first preferences for Labour were 1720, well ahead of the 1278 for the SNP, so this marks strong progress and a rejection by voters of Labour’s record in the council since then. Well done to Gerry and all the team!

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