3rd July 2015

MP Calls For Action On Hogmanay Event

Stirling Castle

Press Release from Steven Paterson MP

For Immediate Release: 3 July 2015


Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle- backdrop for Hogmanay celebrations now under threat.

Steven Paterson, Member of Parliament for the Stirling Constituency, has called on Stirling Council’s ruling Tory-Labour Administration to take action to secure the future of the Stirling’s Hogmanay Event.

The call comes after comments by Councillors Benny and McChord indicated the Administration intended to pull the event. Previously, Labour Councillors had resisted Tory demands to axe the concert, but that resistance now appears to have wilted.

Commenting, Steven Paterson said: “It is unfortunate that high winds forced the cancellation of last year’s Hogmanay Event, but that doesn’t mean we have to see it abolished permanently.

A vast amount of taxpayers’ money was spent on preparing the field beneath Stirling Castle to stage large events, yet in the year since National Armed Forces Day in June 2014, not a single event has been staged there. This area would be far less susceptible than the Castle Esplanade to the high winds that necessitated the cancellation of last year’s concert.”

“I was disappointed at the flippant comments on this matter by Councillors Benny and McChord on behalf of the Tory-Labour Administration, which indicate a casual nonchalance towards the permanent cancellation of this event despite the boost it provides Stirling’s national profile, its local economy and the jobs it supports.”

“I hope these two councillors reconsider their Administration’s position on this, and immediately bring forward proposals to stage the event this winter while there is still time to properly promote it.”


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