7th September 2017

MSP defends Babcock Workers from Tory Cuts

Bruce Crawford voiced concern

Bruce Crawford MSP today has voiced further opposition to the job losses being proposed at Forthside, Stirling with the proposal by Babcock, the MoD Contractor, employing 56 workers, to relocate it’s DSG operation to Yorkshire. These losses are a direct impact of the Tory UK Govt Strategic Defence & Security Review in 2015. This is in addition to the announced closure of the Forthside Barracks which were opposed by then SNP Stirling MP Steven Paterson in 2016.

Commenting today Bruce Crawford MSP said

Bruce Crawford voiced concern

Bruce Crawford voiced further concern and opposition to job losses, as a result of Tory Government MoD Spending cuts in Scotland

“I have always opposed the relocation of the Defence Support Group operation since it was mentioned in the UK Tory Government’s SDSR in 2015.

This signals the intention to bring forward the closure of Babcock services in Stirling, with 56 high-skilled local jobs on the line that are very important to the local economy

The proposal, on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, to move services to North Yorkshire would also ultimately place Armed Forces services in Scotland at a strategical disadvantage.

I have been in contact with Unite the Union and will be contacting the Secretary of State for Defence with my very serious concerns about this manoeuvre.”