10th April 2015

Nicola Sturgeon visits Stirling

Nicola Sturgeon visits Stirling to support the campaign to elect Steven Paterson as Stirling’s first SNP Member of Parliament.

She was greeted by crowds of well wisher’s and supporters and not a few TV Crews and press representatives as she spoke to voters about their concerns for the forthcoming election, took questions and interviews with the press, and chatted with supporters from the Stirling Constituency.


James and Nicola Selfie

One of our Student members has a selfie with Nicola

Always keen for a good selfie Nicola stopped one of our Student members to make sure he had a good picture to share with his mates!

Nicola visited several local businesses and spent time talking to the assembled press, supporters and voters who had questions on policy and the manifesto.

A great reception from Stirling!