11th November 2016

November Branch Meeting summary

Peter A Bell

For those members who missed last night branch meeting a brief over view of proceedings. Obviously sensitive campaign and branch business won’t be discussed here.

We had a good turn out of both branch members and guests from other branches for this months meeting. It was announced that Morag Fulton our Vice Convener has also been elected Disabilites and Equalities officer of the Constituency association and congratulations were shared with Mo.

Maureen Bennison our Equalities officer has stood down as she has moved to another branch. Thanking her for her time in the role the Convener and executive proposed Equalities representation be enhanced and the proposal was endorsed by the members present and will be detailed for those not present in the notes sent to members.

The Westminster brief was largely a round up of the report you can read here on the website and Scott Farmer elaborated on some of the on going Tory /Labour Council group fiasco around the new bin collection and how it will not be achieving the projected savings stated earlier in the year.

On the fund raising front  there is a lot happening. Please contact Susan McGill if you would like to be in the 100 club , it is £12 per year per number and  starts being drawn next month.

We have a race night on the 9th December 2016 from 7:00pm to 11:00pm in the Stirling Indoor Bowling Club ( next to the 10 pin bowling)  to raise funds for the branch and forthcoming council campaign. The last one was a lot of fun and a huge success please come along and bring your friends and families to Stirling Indoor Bowling club. You can “buy” a horse again (£5) or sponsor a race ( £20) via Susan McGill.

Peter A Bell

Peter A Bell in full flow to our members

We have some tickets for the gallery at FMQs on the 15th December if any member thinks they might be able to attend, once again contact Susan.

And finally we have a Christmas night out and BBQ on Thursday, 22nd December from 5:30pm onwards starting at Wetherspoon’s Crossed Peels and ending in the Kilted Kangaroo where we have the function room and they are doing us a Barby! Tickets are £10 if you want food ( recommended), tickets will be sold at the next branch meeting or on the race night.

Also don’t forget we have Lesley Riddoch, well know broadcaster, Journalist, writer and campaigner on land reform and for the Nordic Horizons group, coming along to our next branch meeting on the 14th of December.

Finally but not least Peter A Bell ( @ ), Commentator, Blogger, Twiterrer and debunker of Unionist myth came along and gave a great talk on winning the next independence referendum . We would like to thank Peter for his time, his hard hitting talk and great humour. I won’t be doing this every month but on this occasion what Peter had to say was very interesting and sure to generate debate, so it has been transcribed and will be posted on our private members only Facebook group. If you wish to read the talk, logon there. If you don’t have access ( branch members only please) contact Lee Robb.

All contact details are on our contact page.