5th April 2016

One Calendar Month to go

It is 5th April and we are one calendar month away from the 2016 Holyrood elections and there hasn’t before been such keen interest in the Scottish Government Election. We are regarded by opinion polls as being in front, however the voting system employed, a legacy of the system concocted by the UK Labour Government and Donald Dewar, then Scottish Secretary  of State and first, First Minister, in order to make overall control of the Parliament difficult by in particular the SNP, means we must not rest on our laurels. Yes, opinion suggests a high number of Constituency seats for the SNP but inevitably the Regional list seats will be taken up by larger numbers of Labour and Conservative MSP’s and could if we are not careful thwart a future SNP government despite a strong Constituency showing. And of course we all know about the reliability of opinion polls from the 2015 UK General Election!

Team Crawford

Team Crawford out campaigning in the constituency

That’s why it is critical we have BothVotesSNP by our supporters. This is the ONLY way to guarantee a SNP Pro independence government, who have the skills and commitment to Govern Scotland for Scotland!

We must not be fooled by discussion of “Pro Independence” voting across parties, if the vote is split we potentially allow our opponents in to seats they would not otherwise have won. Look what happened in Dumfries and Clydesdale where the Pro Indy vote was split across SNP and Greens allowing Tory David Mundell in once again.

We have a month of hard work to get the result we need, nothing is “a given” and we need our supporters to help out wherever possible. Look out for our notifications from the Constituency on canvassing, leafleting and campaigning. Stirling SNP needs YOU, Bruce Crawford our candidate needs YOU and Scotland needs YOU!