13th July 2015

One In Five

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Jamie Szymkowiak

Jamie Szymkowiak SNP member and Advocate for the One in Five campaign

One in five of us have some type of disability, some of which are very obvious, but others you may not even notice.

There are a huge spectrum of disabilities, but there is one common factor that unites all disabled people, all to one degree or another, have barriers to overcome in every day life. With the obstacles that can arise when trying to become involved in politics, participation can be too daunting for most.

1 in five logoMany of us with disabilities worry about the things that we cannot achieve rather than focussing on the variety of positive contributions we can make. The One in Five Campaign is a cross party campaign which seeks not only to remove barriers from disabled people becoming involved in politics in the party they support but seeks to empower and encourage them to do so. I heard Jamie Szymkowiak speak at conference and he was inspiring, I look forward to hearing him speak to us at our next branch meeting on 12th August and would hope that as a branch we will vote to officially adopt the One in Five charter…indeed I would urge you all to go to the website the first chance you get, read the info there and hopefully sign the charter as individuals. You can follow the campaign on twitter or on Fb

Morag Fulton

Disabilities officer City of Stirling SNP Branch

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