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Welcome to the website of City of Stirling Branch of the Scottish National Party. Here at the SNP we believe in Scotland being the best it can be. We campaign tirelessly for a fairer, more just and democratic Scotland, in which our children thrive, businesses flourish, our youth receive a world class education, our elder members of society live with the dignity and respect they deserve and in which every man and woman can play their part in the worlds greatest small country.

Gerry McLaughlin Branch Convener
Gerry McLaughlin

We hope you will join us on this journey, as we actively campaign to have Scotland’s voice heard in the UK and the world. The SNP is now Scotland’s biggest political party, and indeed is the third largest in the entire UK, eclipsing the membership of the Liberal Democrats. Join us as we campaign throughout Stirlingshire. You can join the party online or contact one of the Branch officials for more information. All information on Branch activities, campaigning, and social events can be found here. If there is something you are looking for but cannot find please contact one of the Branch officials. 

Death By A Thousand Cuts

By former Stirling MP, Steven Paterson The metaphor “death by a thousand cuts” probably has its origin in the tortuous and brutal form of execution known as Ling Chi, which was used in medieval China for heinous crimes such as treason. The phrase which is now commonplace in English means a slow, painful, incremental and inevitable demise. Such a certain death can hardly be more accurately applied than to the slow collapse of the present UK Tory Government. We have had Tory Governments imposed on us here in Scotland for the majority of my lifetime, and democracy for Scotland is at …
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Wine Tasting at the Smith

A spot of high living and culture for branch members and supporters…….. NAW! Who do you think we are, the flipping Tories!!!? Just come along to our wine tasting evening at the Smith, enjoy a convivial evening of Continental appellations and maybe the odd grape from further afield and help raise funds for the branch. Full details yet to be confirmed but the cost should be £20 per head- a great way to kick of your seasonal celebrations.

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Wine Tasting

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