9th March 2016

Paterson Calls for Parliament to Recognise Guardians of Scotland Trust

Steven Paterson
Stirling MP, Steven Paterson, has called on the Leader of the House of Commons to consider a parliamentary debate that recognises the local efforts of the Guardians of Scotland Trust and the Stirling Smith Museum.
In a parliamentary question, Mr Paterson highlighted the fundraising efforts of the local charity and brought the House’s attention to their Andrew de Moray and William Wallace memorial project.
The Stirling Smith Museum has exhibited the entries for the memorial design and, with the exhibition now over, the winner is to be unveiled within the next week.
Commenting, Steven Paterson said:
“The entire process from concept to exhibition has been engaging and inspiring and I highly commend the efforts of the Guardians of Scotland Trust as well as the Stirling Smith Museum. The outcome will be a finished product that everyone will have been able to see from start to finish.
“It is because of these efforts to bring to Stirling a celebration of local history that I have called on the Leader of the House to recognise such excellent fundraising work.”
The Stirling Smith Museum’s Dr. Elspeth King added:
“I am absolutely delighted that our MP is so involved in offering his support to this project. The result of this permanent memorial will be great for Stirling and will help educate future generations of our local and national heritage.”