26th May 2017

Paterson Calls On Stirling Candidates To Protect State Pensions

Steven Paterson MP
Steven Paterson

Steven Paterson

Stirling’s SNP candidate, Steven Paterson, has called on all other Stirling candidates in the General Election to join him and the SNP in committing to protecting the triple lock on State Pensions.

The call comes in response to the Prime Minister’s answer to a question from SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson during a recent PMQs session. Theresa May was asked to commit to protecting the triple lock, instead she stated that the policy was “under review”.

The triple lock commits to increasing State Pensions either by RPI inflation, increased earnings, or 2.5% – whichever is the highest.

The Tories have come under fire for signalling what would be a cut to State Pensions if the triple lock was to be scrapped.

Commenting, Steven Paterson said:

“The Triple Lock is hugely important to many pensioners. It means that the State Pension will never be cut – maintaining an important and hard earned level of income for older people in our communities.

“Theresa May’s new brand of Toryism has taken a lurch to the right and ordinary working people, disabled people, and pensioners are set to be punished for it.

“If re-elected on June 8th, I will fight to protect the Triple Lock increase on State Pensions and I challenge all other Stirling candidates to do the same.

“One thing is certain, the only way to prevent a cheerleader for Theresa May’s cuts to pensions from speaking on behalf of the Stirling Constituency is by voting SNP to keep the Tories out.”



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