22nd June 2016

Paterson and Crawford Urge Voters To Remain In EU

Letter to Supporters from Bruce Crawford and Steven Paterson

Stirling MP Steven Paterson and MSP Bruce Crawford have written to thousands of voters across the Stirling area, urging them to use their vote on June 23rd and to support remaining in the EU. The SNP’s positive case for a vote to Remain in the European Union was halted for three days on Thursday evening after news broke of the tragic death of Labour MP Jo Cox.

The letter comes as part of the City of Stirling SNP’s campaign. Signed by both Mr Paterson and Mr Crawford as well as Stirling SNP Councillors, and alongside a leaflet that details how the EU benefits Scotland and the Stirling area, the letter says:

“Based on shared values and principles, the European Union has helped develop the society that we know today. Together, we have championed workers’ and human rights as well as worked to protect the environment and fight against international crime and terrorism. Leaving the EU opens the door for Tory UK Governments in Westminster to scrap these achievements; something that Boris Johnson has already signalled his intention to do. Access to the single market and freedom of movement strengthens our economy and broadens horizons for all of us – supporting over 300,000 jobs here in Scotland alone. Scotland will play a crucial part in this referendum, whatever the overall outcome may be. Scotland’s position will be strengthened by a vote to Remain.”

Paterson and Crawford

Stirling’s Holyrood and Westminster representatives Steven Paterson MP and Bruce Crawford MSP

 Commenting, Steven Paterson said:

“Thursday’s referendum is crucial for jobs, business, and justice in Scotland and voters will be asked whether we want to continue working with other EU countries on important matters such as human and workers’ rights, or do we give licence to a potential right-wing Tory government to erase the progress that we have made together.

“I will be voting Remain tomorrow because Scotland’s place in a 21st century world relies on our willingness to work with our international partners. I would urge people to ensure that they cast their votes, not voting could risk an unwanted outcome.”

Bruce Crawford added:

“Our membership of the EU is vital in maintaining the strength of Scotland’s economy. One in every six pounds of the Scottish economy is generated by our access to the single market which supports over 330,000 jobs in Scotland alone and EU countries buy over 40% of our exports.

 “Access to the Freedom of Movement allows Scots to live, work, and retire in any other EU nation – as well as giving other EU citizens the ability to do the same here. This is a huge benefit to Scotland’s communities and economy with EU citizens contributing a net gain to the UK’s Treasury at the rate of about £55 per second.”

Letter to Supporters from Bruce Crawford and Steven Paterson

Letter to Supporters to remain in the EU