29th February 2016

Paterson Joins Sturgeon In March Against Trident

Nicola Sturgeon addresses crowd

Stirling MP, Steven Paterson, joined SNP colleagues and Party Leader, Nicola Sturgeon, in an anti-nuclear weapons demonstration in London at the weekend.

The demonstration took place on Saturday and the march finished off with a rally in Trafalgar Square where the First Minister addressed a crowd of thousands.

Arranged by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), the event was organised ahead of a crucial vote on the renewal of the UK’s nuclear weapons system, Trident – estimated to cost in excess of £100bn.

MP's against Trident

Steven Paterson MP for Stirling joined with Nicola Sturgeon, other SNP MP’s as well as Leanne Wood leader of Plaid Cymru in Trafalgar Square Image courtesy Leanne Wood on fB

Speaking at the demonstration, Steven Paterson said:

“We have a Conservative UK Government is obsessed with making the continued case for renewing Trident nuclear weapons. These are Cold War relics that have no place in modern day defence policy.

“Trident missiles are currently believed to be armed with 3 nuclear warheads – each of which has the capacity of an estimated 8 Hiroshima bombs. The threats we face today are increasingly from extremist groups instead of states; from splintered terrorist organisations instead of recognisable armies. We no longer live in a world where the ability to flatten a city has any real effect on our national security.

“The cost of these weapons of mass destruction has spiralled out of the Government’s control. The Defence Review estimates costs to be £31 billion per submarine – up from the previous estimate of £25 billion. With the total cost set to be £167 billion, how much will the Government decide is too much to spend on these useless and immoral gadgets?”

City of Stirling SNP are affiliated with Scottish CND.