22nd May 2017

Paterson Pledges To Fight For LGBTI Equality Ahead Of General Election

Steven Paterson

Stirling’s SNP candidate standing to be re-elected as Member of Parliament in the forthcoming snap-General Election, Steven Paterson, has pledged to fight to strengthen LGBTI equality.

Singing the Equality Network’s five-point Scottish LGBTI pledge for the Westminster election, Mr Paterson has committed to supporting:

  • The amendment of equality law to cover all trans people, and recognise non-binary people on UK Government records including passports.
  • Consult with intersex people to introduce effective equality protection.
  • End discrimination in pension payments for same-sex couples.
  • Provide asylum when LGBTI people need it, and support LGBTI equality work in other countries.
  • Ensure Brexit doesn’t reduce equality and human rights protections.