26th January 2017

PM’S Brexit Speech: UK Government Is Gambling With Stirling’s Local Rural Economy

Steven Paterson MP

Stirling MP Steven Paterson has slammed the Prime Minister’s announcement earlier this week that indicated the UK Government’s intention to pull the UK out of the European Single Market as a “reckless gamble” – particularly for Stirling’s rural economy.

In December last year, the First Minister launched the Scottish Government’s proposed prospectus for protecting Scotland’s place in the Single Market.

This is after 62% of Scots voted to Remain in the European Union in the EU Referendum in June last year. 67.7% of votes cast in the Stirling area were for Remain.

During a question and answer session in Parliament on Tuesday (17th January), Mr Paterson asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer to outline what impact leaving the Single Market will have on the economy in coming years – pointing to the recent Autumn Statement which indicated that growth is set to be 2.4% lower due to the Brexit result.

Commenting, Mr Paterson said:

Steven Paterson at Real Food Cafe

Steven Paterson MP with the EU nationals who came to see him at Tyndrum Real Food Cafe recently

“It would appear that the Prime Minister and her Government are determined to take a reckless gamble with Scotland’s economy by removing us from the European Single Market against our will. Such a move would severely impact on the Stirling economy – particularly in rural communities which see high quality produce being bought and sold across the continent freely.

 “The UK Government’s relentless push for a ‘Hard Brexit’ would make trade with our closest neighbours more difficult – something which our local business cannot afford to happen. My SNP colleagues and I will continue to call on the Prime Minister and her Government to respect the wishes of the people of Scotland and to protect our national interest.”