7th July 2016

Prospect of Unprecedented Second Council Strike Laid at Tory/Labour Door


 SNP finance spokesperson on Stirling Council, Councillor Gerry McLaughlan, has slammed the ruling Tory/Labour Administration for its role in attacking workers’ terms and conditions and bringing Trade Unions to the brink of industrial action for an unprecedented second time over the course of this Administration.

Stirling Council’s recently published accounts for 2015/16 showed that 11 senior managers had received an average payout of £360,000 each in redundancy packages.

This is contrasted by a further 100 lower-paid staff who had received an average severance pay off of just £13,000.

Councillor Gerry McLaughlan said:

“Earlier this year, Tory Finance Convener, Neil Benny, boasted about how much money he’d saved the Council through restructuring, but now we know that his Administration had granted generous severance packages before changing the terms and conditions to hit those on lower pay grades. Not only was this callous alteration unnecessary, but it is clear that even the process of severance packages is being treated as a gravy train for a few at the top.

 “As the despicable Tory UK Government is making miserable the lives of those who work hard in the public sector across the country, so is this Tory/Labour Administration on Stirling Council attacking Council employees through this shameful process that is deeply discriminatory to lower paid staff

 “As this Administration is on the brink of forcing an unprecedented second set of workers’ strikes, it is high time that Councillor Benny and his colleagues in the Labour Party must stop this grossly unfair redundancy practice and reinstate workers’ contractual conditions that were in place before this failing restructure.”