7th February 2016

Race Night Review

Bruce with Fizz

Last night we held the City of Stirling Branch Race night to raise money for the Bruce Crawford re-election fighting fund.

Bruce Crawford speaking

Bruce opened the evening by thanking everyone who turned out and giving a precis of the campaign.

Despite it being a wild night with absolutely torrential rain, there was a great turn out of members and supporters at the Stirling Indoor Bowling Club. We had the man himself, Bruce Crawford MSP to open events, Steven Paterson MP, and a number of the Stirling Council group, Jim Thomson, Graham Lambie, Alicia Hayes ( list candidate for the upcoming Scottish Parliamentary elections) and Scot Farmer all there to cheer the ( wooden) horses home.

Bruce with Fizz

Bruce with the first of a collection of winners bottles of bubbles. We will help him find a use for them in the May elections!

Bruce turned out to either have previous experience of the technique of jockeying the horses home or he has been practicing secretly at home! Either way he was in peak form as he “rode” three winners home and had one second place.

Already a favourite of the members of Stirling Branch, he became a bit of a bookies favourite on the night too. We are hopeful that remains the case right through until the elections in May!

Aside from the races we also had other games to raise funds and keep the crowd amused. Heads or tails went to a final very quickly with this amusing semi final getting a few titters.

Branch members play Heads or Tails

The Semi finalists in Heads or Tails


It can’t have escaped many members notice how rubbish our treasurer was at catching the pound coin when he tossed it! Luckily he is better with the branch accounts! We also had a round of pitching pound coins for a bottle of whisky. Some people were very determined to win…. it raised a lot for the kitty!


We also had a brilliantly well resourced raffle ( well done everyone for bringing in the great prizes) We are sure though Morag our disabilities officer had a printing press stashed away making the winning tickets on demand…how many prizes did that table win!? Of course when there are winners there are also losers, and last in each race got a “nose bag” of chocolate raisins. When you realised you hadn’t won it made coming last worthwhile, they were quite yummy!

There were also silly hats galore for the jockeys.

Silly hats

Lots of Silly hats for the Jockeys.

As riders became more adept at reeling the horses in, the tension was at times, under starters orders, unbearable.


Under starters orders

The coiled springs ready for the off. Honestly Graham Lambie isn’t sleeping in this picture!

Then finally we had the race that was to eclipse the Scottish Grand National, the Derby, the Prix d’l’Arc de Triomphe, the Kentucky Derby, the Melbourne Cup…… I could drone on. The Auction race, where race goers bid to own a prize thoroughbred and could choose to run with the jockey of their choice.

Top money was on Bruce Crawford’s ride, though the less said about his own horse, Brucephalus the better. It’s all in the pronunciation don’t you know!

Fortunately we had on course cameras to see the action unfold.

A great night and I am sure we raised loads, no doubt we will find out at the Wednesday’s branch meeting. Don’t forget if you couldn’t make it you can still contribute to Bruce’s fighting fund via his Crowdfunder.