On Saturday (1st October), City of Stirling SNP Branch launched their campaign for the 2017 Stirling Council election.

Since 2012, the Tories and Labour have run a coalition Administration in Stirling despite the SNP being the largest party elected to the authority.

With 7 months to go until voters go to the polls to elect local governments across the country, the SNP in Stirling are campaigning for a majority in order to sack the Tory/Labour Coalition.

Commenting, SNP Group Leader on Stirling Council, Councillor Scott Farmer said:

Stirling SNP

Stirling SNP Campaigning in their Council elections bid on Saturday

“For too long, decisions made on Stirling Council have come from a cynical Tory/Labour coalition that favour making political points before delivering for the people they are supposed to represent.

“Just this year, they cut nearly £700,000 from social care unnecessarily – something that the SNP protected entirely in our alternative budget. This was voted down by both Labour and the Tories with devastating results for both those who work in and use the service.

“In just seven months, voters across Stirling will have the opportunity to call time on this Administration and sack the Tory/Labour coalition.”