19th October 2017

What Has The Scottish Government Ever Done For Us? SNP MP Highlights How Devolution Has Benefitted Stirling

SNP MP Tommy Sheppard took part in a Westminster Hall debate this week (Tuesday) on Devolution in Scotland.

The Edinburgh MP – who is the SNP Spokesperson on the Cabinet Office, Scotland Office, and House of Lords – took part in the debate and highlighted how the Stirling Constituency had specifically benefitted from Scottish Government policies what did not exist in the rest of the UK.

Due to time constraints, Mr Sheppard was only able to list 10 achievements which included:

–          34,000 free prescriptions have been issued in Stirling.

–          Crime is at an all-time low across the whole of Scotland with 1,000 more police officers on the beat.

–          A third more pupils are leaving secondary school with Higher grades than was the case 120 years ago – out-performing the rest of the UK.

–          4,882 businesses benefitting from the small business scheme in Stirling.

–          The ban on fracking which reflects the wishes of the majority of people who responded to the public consultation in Stirling.

–          1,021 people benefit from the hardship fund which mitigates the Tory Bedroom Tax in Stirling.

–          3,085 affordable homes have been built in Stirling in past 10 years (of which 777 are social housing).

–          Tuition fees have been scrapped in Scotland.


The debate marked 20 years since devolution began in Scotland.

Commenting, a Stirling SNP spokesperson said:

 “The Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government continue to deliver for people across the Stirling area despite Scottish public funding being slashed by 10% in real terms by Tory austerity, enforced by Westminster.

 “From free prescriptions, record low crime levels, more school pupils passing Highers, support for small businesses, the ban on fracking, mitigating the Bedroom tax, more affordable homes and free university tuition, Scotland is a better and fairer society today than it was 10 years ago. There is much work still to be done, however it is clear that devolution has been a force for good in our country.

 “Local residents will be delighted that the SNP continue to talk-up the Stirling constituency in Westminster and will be grateful for Mr Sheppard’s contribution to the debate on devolution.”