1st February 2015

SNP begins biggest ever members consultation

Help write the SNP manifesto!

Building on the benefits of being the only mass membership party in the UK, the SNP has today begun its biggest ever manifesto consultation: reaching out to over 93,000 members seeking their views ahead of May’s General Election.

In the four months following the referendum, the SNP’s membership has grown from around 25,000 on polling day to over 93,000 now. With SNP member now around one in 50 of the adult population in Scotland, the consultation is an opportunity to get involved in helping shape the party’s General Election manifesto – reflecting Nicola Sturgeon’s pledge of accessibility.

SNP Depute Leader Stewart Hosie said:

“The referendum reenergised Scottish politics, bringing citizens and politicians closer together than at any previous time in our nation’s history. It is important that this engagement continues to blossom – and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been clear that she will play her part by being Scotland’s most accessible First Minister, leading an outward looking government that is open to members of the public.

“Since polling day, the SNP has seen our membership grow from around 25,000 to over 93,000 – around one in 50 of the adult population in Scotland – which is just one remarkable indication of the change that has swept through Scotland. The SNP are extremely keen to reach out to our new members, who reflect all of the many diverse communities of Scotland, and benefit from their experience.

“Today we are offering all of our members the opportunity to take part in shaping our manifesto – to submit ideas to put forward their ideas for consideration. This is an unparalleled opportunity for consultation with our membership across Scotland.

“A strong team of SNP MPs at Westminster will stand up for Scotland – working to stop the renewal of Trident, take forward an alternative to austerity, and protect our place in Europe. Our manifesto is an important step on the path to making our voice heard at Westminster, and including our members in the process will greatly strengthen our campaign.”

SNP members can submit their ideas through this form.

If you’re not a member of the SNP and would like to submit a policy idea please send them to