10th May 2017

SNP Call On Disgraced Tory Councillors To Step Down

The Scottish National Party have called for the resignation of two Tory Councillors, Alistair Majury for Dunblane and Bridge of Allan ward and Robert Davies for Forth and Endrick. Councillor Majury was recently unmasked as a ‘Cyberbrit’ troll who had a history of offensive, abusive, and extremist social media posts. Recent revelations found that Councillor Davies had posted a number of racist tweets likening black people to cannibals.

Commenting, SNP Leader on Stirling Council Cllr Scott Farmer said:

“It is only right that Tory Councillor Majury resign from his position on Stirling Council after a clear public outcry from members of the local community. Intolerance and hatred have no place in our society and it is vitally important that we call it out whenever we see it. 
“With this in mind, the recent revelations of Tory Councillor Robert Davies and his racist ramblings must also be put under the same spotlight. I call on the two Councillors to do the honourable thing and resign from the Council immediately. Racism and hatred have no place representing the decent hard working people of Forth and Endrick or Dunblane and Bridge of Allan.
“Intolerant and hate filled attitudes appear all too rife within the Tory Party and voters have the opportunity to take a long hard look at what their candidates stand for ahead of the crucial General Election vote on June 8th.”