28th March 2017

SNP Candidate Urges Locals To Respond To Fracking Consultation

Alison Lawrie

SNP candidate for Stirling East, Alison Laurie, has urged locals to respond to the Scottish Government’s consultation on fracking.

The consultation was launched in November 2016 and follows the continuation of a moratorium on fracking in Scotland that prevents Hydraulic Fracturing on the basis of public health and safety and environmental concerns.

As overriding legislation concerning fracking is through Acts of the UK Parliament, not the Scottish Parliament, an outright ban on fracking without strong supporting evidence for doing so could result in the decision being contested in court, allowing fracking through the back door.

The moratorium on fracking in Scotland means that there cannot be fracking in Scotland.

Commenting, Stirling East SNP candidates, Alison Laurie said:

Alison Lawrie

Alison Laurie, Canidate for Stirling East, encouraging residents to voice opinions on Fracking
Promoted by Alycia Hayes on behalf of Stirling SNP, both of: Pickersgill House, Balquhidder Station, Lochearnhead, FK19 8NX.

“The SNP continue to take a cautious, evidence-based approach to fracking, remaining committed to gathering robust evidence of the potential impacts of unconventional oil and gas. Whilst the gung-ho attitude of the Tory UK Government will permit fracking come-what-may, this is the only approach the Scottish Government can reasonably and responsibly take with the powers it has devolved to it to fully address concerns over unconventional oil and gas extraction.

 “The Labour Party are fully aware of this and their continued calls for an outright ban now are not only and insult to the intelligence of people in our local communities, but wholly irresponsible and indicative of a Party that is barely fit for opposition, never mind Administration.

 “The Scottish Government opened a full public consultation on fracking in November and I would urge local residents to take their time to express their view. Scotland’s shale resources are located across the central belt – one of the most densely populated areas of the country and these are the communities that would be directly affected if ever faced with fracking activity.”

Local residents can respond to the consultation which closes on 31st May by visiting: