30th August 2017

SNP Councillor Asks “Where’s The Apology” Over Shamed Tory Councillors

Maureen Bennison

SNP Councillor for Bannockburn and the Eastern Villages, Maureen Bennison, has demanded that the Tory Party explain where an apology was issued from the two disgraced Tory Councillors who were recently re-admitted to the party.

Councillors Majury and Davies were suspended following a stream of highly offensive and abusive tweets. Their tweets included remarks that have been considered homophobic, racist, misogynistic, and anti-Catholic.

Despite an online petition for both Councillors to step down from Stirling Council receiving more than 2,350 signatures, Scottish Tory Leader, Ruth Davidson, explained that the pair had apologised and had met with anti-Sectarian charity Nil-By-Mouth.

However, it has since been revealed by the charity that no such training had taken place before their reinstatement.

Commenting, Councillor Maureen Bennison said:

Maureen Bennison

Cllr Maureen Bennison,

“It is an utter disgrace that the Toxic Tories have readmitted Councillors Majury and Davies back into their party despite their vile ramblings online having offended almost every community in society. However, their party’s own leader has said that the pair have apologised for what they have done but nobody seems to know much more about this supposed apology than that.

“When did this apology take place and who was it made to?

“It is insulting that the large number of people who have been affected by what these two Councillors have said online have not received a remorseful apology or seen meaningful action being taken by the Tories.

News that the Nil-By-Mouth charity have rejected Ruth Davidson’s claims that Majury and Davies have attended diversity training before being readmitted brings even more questions about the misleading terms with which the Tories have welcomed them back into the fold.

 “I am appalled that they were reinstated before undertaking the Council’s own diversity programme and serious questions must be answered by the Tories without delay. Tory Group Leader Neil Benny must remove the Tory Whip from the pair immediately – not doing so will only continue reinforce the fact that this sort of behaviour is acceptable in the Tory Party.”