6th February 2016

SNP Councillor Pleads With Administration To Protect Specialist Teachers

Trossachs and Teith SNP Councillor, Fergus Wood, has written to Councillor Alistair Berrill (Convener of the Education Commitee), asking for assurances that the Council cuts will not affect young persons’ access to specialist teachers. Stirling Council’s Priority Based Budget options from October 2015 have set out plans to “modernise the delivery of specialist teachers” throughout the Stirling area.

Specialist teachers include music and PE teachers.

Commenting, Fergus Wood said:

“Music and PE are core to the development of our young people in exactly the same way as main stream subjects are. Engaging young children in a physical activity programme from a young age is one of the best ways to equip them for a fit and healthy adulthood.

“Similarly, encouraging an interest in music at an early age best prepares their later life in being able to engage in performance and expression. The immense value of these services extends beyond the financial cost and can help build on a child’s social confidence – which will serve them thought their lives.

“My own grandson, aged just eight years old, has recently picked up the accordion and this interest being supported at such an early age will have life-long benefits for him. Therefore, I am concerned about what the future of specialist teachers in the Stirling area is under these budget proposals and this is why I have written to the Education Convener, Councillor Berrill, to ask for assurances that access to these services for our young people will be protected.”