18th February 2016

Snp Hit Back At Labour’s Regressive Tax Policy

Paterson and Crawford


All-Out-Attack On Scotland’s Most Vulnerable

Paterson and Crawford

Stirling’s Holyrood and Westminster representatives Steven Paterson MP and Bruce Crawford MSP

Today, Stirling’s SNP MP, Steven Paterson, has hit back at Richard Simpson MSP’s comments in last week’s Stirling News in what he calls an all-out-attack on the lowest paid earners.

Dr. Simpson’s comments come in defence of Labour’s defeated proposal to hike Scottish income tax by 1% for every taxpayer in the Scottish Parliament.

Steven Paterson said:

“As a result of Westminster cuts, the grant Scotland receives from the UK Government to pay for all devolved services including local government is now 6 percent lower than it was nine years ago. Labour has responded to this Tory austerity with plans to introduce a blanket 1 percent rise on income tax which would hammer many of the lowest paid earners and almost half a million pensioners.

This policy is effectively an all-out-attack on Scotland’s poorest and most vulnerable from a party which used to defend them”

Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford added:

“I voted against this policy because it was unfair and it would hit the lowest paid the hardest. At a time when many families are already struggling to make ends meet Labour’s plans would take more money out of the pockets of working people right across Stirling.

To put Labour’s 1p tax rise into real terms they are asking all newly qualified nurses, teachers and police officers to effectively take a pay to cut pay for Tory austerity. This would see 2.2 million basic rate tax payers, including half a million pensioners hit by this tax grab. Now is not the time to cast a blanket tax on every earner in Scotland.”